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January 2017

Liebster Award

Liebster Award Nomination

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So, the Liebster Award. Hate it, love it, think it’s a good laugh? Either way it’s a fun thing to get involved in and is great for all us newbies just getting used to the scene.

I’d like to send a thank you out to the wonderful Wiebke over at MissAbroad who nominated me and came up with these questions. They certainly got me thinking and my answers cover everything from kind old couples to Japanese pop music to being stalked.

Dream Destinations New Zealand

Dream Destinations, 2017 and Beyond

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The turn of the year always brings resolutions and dreams of fresh starts and new beginnings.

I’ve never been one for that typical New Year’s Resolution.  I do however believe in reassessing the goals you already have in place, looking over your day to day life plan and tweaking things as necessary.  These are things that I do throughout the year, not just in January.

One thing that I do love to do at the start of ever year though, is start up a Dream Destination List to help motivate me through the coming months.

travellers resolutions 2017

I asked it: Traveller’s Resolutions 2017

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I was disappointed to wake up yesterday and see the news; political dramas around the world, deaths thanks to drink driving and drug overdoses.

Another horrible terrorist attack in Istanbul.

Disheartened and feeling like 2017 would be just as bleak as its predecessor, I ignored all those New Year’s Resolution posts on Facebook and formulated my own question:

Instead of asking what your personal goals are for the coming months, how about we focus on the larger picture. What would you like to see improve worldwide in 2017? And, if possible, how can we as travellers start making those changes?

2017 brisbane fireworks

Seven Years in Review: NYE in three countries and five locations

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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s finally done.  2016 has been a difficult year for most and has left many people reeling and eagerly waiting for the calendar to switch over.   We’re all hoping that 2017 will prove to be better year.

With 2016 nothing more than a memory, I decided to go back and look over some New Year’s Eves from the past; the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

Given that it’s 2017, I decided that 7 was a pretty good number.