In my previous post When a Stranger Becomes your Hurricane I mentioned Jess, my ex-unit mate here in Gove.

It’s been ten hours since she disappeared into a windy morning, flying out of this strange little town on the hopes of lining up something bigger and better.

I spoke about how she had inspired me, ignited that little spark that had seen me packing my life up and leaving the city to work remote in the first place. That spark has suffered greatly over the last few months. Halls Creek beat it down with heat and locus and dangerous locals. Nhulunbuy broke it with work hours and slowly moving bank accounts. The mentality of ‘settling’ and ‘getting by’ has sunk in for me. ‘Nesting’, people would call it. Life is like the city; one work day after the other and the flights out of here threaten to burn such a hole in wallets that people stop thinking about uprooting and moving on.

But Jess did. Jess was free and untamed, fleeing before breaking point.

A Hurricane.

As I mentioned, I went into overdrive during the turbulence that Jess left behind. I hit the net, applying for jobs with my polished resume, my eye even leading me towards positions in a place I never thought I’d go. Home. Back to Brisbane. Back to the daily grind of network buses and busy people with no places to be. But at least it wouldn’t be here, and at least I’d be back with friends (friends who I miss dearly). And really, when one sits down and does the math, I would be in the same place financially as I am here.

So yes, I looked at giving away this life and turning tail back home.

Life however, seems to have different ideas for me and for once I couldn’t be happier. The call from last night turned into a yes, the email with a time for a phone interview rendered positive results.

I’ve been offered both. A dream come true but one laden with a difficult choice. Now I am left doing the math, both numerically as well as opportunistically.

One job is a career move; something that people strive for and nomads like me dream about. A private island paradise on the Great Barrier Reef, an exclusive resort with an even more exclusive hiring regime. You have to be good to be there; exceptional. Working there can take you places. And little old me has been offered Food and Beverage Supervisor. A dream come true and a world of possibilities at my fingertips.

The other is closer to home, but still remote. It’s a little town of farmers and miners and oil refectory employees. It’s on the highway between Brisbane and nowhere. The town itself is big enough to have major shopping chains and fast food joints, but it’s still in the middle of nowhere. It’s still remote with a sense of anonymity but it’s the sort of place that I could go home from. Not often, but my best friends birthday could be a three day weekend of fun and catch-up for very little out of pocket expense and minimal travel time.

It also offers a bucket load of hours a week, all paid at a good casual hourly rate and free accommodation.

The first job is smart. It’s a good choice for my career and my resume. It’s the sort of job you don’t say no to. It’s the sort of job you leave on your resume and get instant call backs through reputation alone. The pay is standard, all meals are included and you get to do island things for free; I’ve never been to the Great Barrier Reef. There’s no wifi connection over there, but they’re willing to wire a good old fashioned LAN line to my room due to my study requirements.

The second one is a nice place and not some highway dive; they host garden weddings and corporate safety meetings. It’s the type of place that you only leave on your resume if you stay a long time or progressed. But the pay is great, and the hours are there for the taking should I want them. It’s the sort of job where you could save $500 a week after food and expenses.

This is where the math comes into the choice. What is better? Is money the major driving force or should I be looking at keeping my resume shiny and impressive? At $500 a week I could be backpacking around the Middle East by the end of the year.

The wind is still blowing strong outside. I said before that I could feel myself going with it and that is still true. One way or another I will resign tomorrow. One way or another I’ll be on my own flight next week.

One way or another… one direction or another.

The smart or the money hungry…