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top 10 suitcase essentials for a professional nomad

Top 10 Suitcase Essentials for a Professional Nomad

Suitcase Living, Tips and Tricks By December, 2016 Tags: , , 2 Comments

This is a discussion that comes up rather frequently within my community. Sometimes someone new moves into the staff village and you can’t help but judge what they are carrying around with them. Other times, you are that person and you just know that your physical baggage is a mess.

So how do you keep the clutter down (but your spirits up) when you live out of a suitcase?

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Top 10 Long Distance Travel Songs

Suitcase Living By December, 2016 Tags: , , , 2 Comments

These are the songs of life lovers and experience chasers; those roaming to quench their wanderlust. They should make you want to pack your bags and hit the road; or maybe grab your phone to close great distances with a call. Either way, they are inspiring, mood setting and heartening and while classics like Highway to Hell will always hold a place in my heart, as will We Gotta Get out of this Place (for great escapes from horrible locations) they didn’t quite make the list. I’ve tried to focus on songs from the last ten years with a blend of mainstream and indie so hopefully there will be something for everyone.